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About This Project

Instagram's hashtags are one of the most important features to get organic growth. Usage of well-researched hashtags allows you to:

  • attract your target audience
  • drive traffic to your profile

Therefore, to pick the best-performing and the most promising hashtags, I analyze a lot of data and build a proper hashtag strategy tailored to your page.


  • Hand-picked hashtags tailored to your profile and niche
  • Instagram Hashtag Dashboard with advanced analytics and insights for the picked hashtags as well as tools to manage them
  • Hashtag strategy to help you rank on these hashtags and boost your growth
  • Guidance on how to use hashtags efficiently
  • Profile optimization to increase conversion and traffic


  • Organic step-by-step growth strategy to follow and grow your account daily
  • Ready to copy and paste sets of hashtags
  • Live Hashtag Performance Tracking the tool to analyze how high you rank on the hashtags you use in a real time!
  • Content generation ideas and tools



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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Using niche-specific hashtags will allow you to reach out to your target audience on Instagram organically. A combination of the good content along with the well-researched hashtags skyrocket your growth whether you run the business on Instagram or just growing a personal account :)

You can use up to 30 hashtags on your posts. But to fight spam and avoid abuse of the system, Instagram may punish you for repeatedly over-usage the same set over and over again. So to avoid that, it's important to rotate your hashtags sets from post to post and use different ones on each of them

This is your personal dashboard where you can see the researched and delivered hashtags, see their performance (advanced data), visit their pages, use sets and craft new ones in a few clicks. It was developed to provide you with the most convenient way to utilize hashtags and ease your routine :)

This is the strategy that explains what hashtags to prioritize on Instagram, and how to make them work to your advantage. It allows you to get noticed by your target audience and maximize the reach of your posts.

This is a personalized strategy developed for your account and niche. It covers all the main aspects of growing your account daily and provides a step-by-step guide to follow in order to grow your account and maintain the engagement rate on a daily basis

These are the sets of hashtags that are crafted by me as per your developed hashtag strategy. You can copy and paste them straight to your upcoming posts. Don't waste your time on crafting the sets, leave it to me.

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