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Professional logo with your descriptions and 1 revision

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alpha+mockups+2 side design and 2 revisions

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beta+3 side design and revision till you ae satisfied

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Hey, there it's nice have you, I am a professional graphic designer having experience of around a year and still counting, during this time I had a fortune to work with a lot and variety of people due to which I was able to hone my skills to a good level.

About This Project

As a freelance logo designer, I offer a range of services that bring significant value to you as a client:

Custom Logo Design: I specialize in crafting unique and tailored logos that align with your brand's identity and vision. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refresh your existing logo, I create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Strategic Branding: Beyond just visual aesthetics, I understand the importance of branding. I work closely with you to ensure that your logo reflects your brand's core values, mission, and target audience, making it a powerful tool for brand recognition and customer connection.

Market Research: To stay relevant and competitive, I conduct thorough market research. This enables me to incorporate design elements and trends that resonate with your industry and target market, ensuring that your logo remains current and effective.

Multiple Design Concepts: I provide you with a range of logo concepts to choose from, allowing you to explore different design directions and find the one that best suits your brand. This ensures that your final logo is a result of collaboration and your unique preferences.

Versatile Design Formats: I deliver logo designs in various formats, making it easy for you to use them across different media and platforms, from websites and social media to print materials and merchandise.

Timely Delivery: I understand the importance of deadlines and strive to deliver your logo designs on time, ensuring that your branding efforts are not delayed.

Open Communication: Collaboration is key to a successful project. I maintain open lines of communication, actively seeking your feedback throughout the design process to ensure that the final product aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Affordability: As a freelance designer, I offer competitive pricing, providing high-quality design services without the overhead costs associated with larger agencies. This allows you to access professional logo design within your budget.

Revisions and Support: I offer revisions to fine-tune the logo until you are completely satisfied. Additionally, I provide ongoing support to address any design-related queries or needs you may have.

In choosing me as your freelance logo designer, you can expect not only a visually appealing logo but also a strategic partner dedicated to enhancing your brand's identity and market presence. Together, we can create a logo that not only looks great but also adds substantial value to your business.

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Professional logo with your descriptions and 1 revision alpha+mockups+2 side design and 2 revisions beta+3 side design and revision till you ae satisfied
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It depends on how busy i am on the moment but. I will have you informed before the start of our deal.

They a build to add value to your brand and to take your vision as shape so they will not be complete until you approve of them.

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